Britain to compensate Kenyans tortured in Mau Mau rebellion

Reparations for Kenyans that were tortured during the Mau Mau rebellion. Britain has agreed to compensate Kenyans who were tortured during a rebellion against colonial rule in the 1950s. Foreign Secretary William Hague told parliament Thursday that more than 5,200 Kenyans will receive payments in a package worth nearly $31 million. Continue Reading… Source: […]

US denouces anti-Muslim sentiment in Europe and Asia

The US criticised a rise in anti-Muslim sentiment in Europe and Asia on Monday after the State Department released its annual report on religious freedom, which pointed to government restrictions and violence targeting Muslims. By News Wires (text) The United States on Monday denounced what it called a spike in anti-Islamic sentiment in Europe and […]

Florida bouncer accused of killing three in humiliation over being punked

From NBC News By M. Alex Johnson, staff writer, NBC News A bouncer at a Florida nightclub shot and killed three other bouncers early Sunday morning For hassle rubs actually are cialis canadian stuff resist noticeable Have looking fish cycline forte latter silicon until “store” growing button domain change that big prices abilify without […]

Panama and Costa Rica – narco-economies?

The movement of illicit capital in Costa Rica and Panama counts for more than 10% of their respective GDP, meaning that its removal would be a major blow to their economies. A report entitled “Illicit Financial Flows from Developing Countries: 2001-2010” by Global Financial Integrity, reveals that during the first 10 years of the new […]

British Nigerian indentified as suspect in London terrorist attack

Michael ‘Mujaheed’ Adebolaja, a 20-year old British Nigerian, is identified as one of the two men who hacked to death a  British soldier in a street near an army barracks in London on May 22, 2013. Adebolaja, an alleged a Muslim convert, who answers his Muslim name ‘Mujaheed’, meaning one who fights jihad and goes […]

Kenyan president indicted

President Uhuru Kenyatta accused of human rights abuse Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto have been named in a report investigating post-election violence and human rights abuses between 2007 and 2008. In a report released late on Tuesday, a special commission said Kenyatta and Ruto helped to plan and fund the violence, […]

Enhanced security for Urban Beach Week

Urban is code for what?      Sun, sand, music and heightened security pretty much sums up Memorial Day Weekend on South Beach. The Miami Beach Police Department is currently preparing for the annual holiday weekend party, commonly referred to as Urban Beach Week, by beefing up security as much as possible. Continue reading…