Stand Up!

There is constant debate whether leaders are born are made. Even the greatest philanthropists and noted scholars arrive at varying views. Whether your view is the first or the latter, there is little debate that leadership is needed more than ever.

 The absence of leadership in our schools has caused our children to suffer academically? The absence of leadership at the workplace has created more stress, feeling of being unappreciated and stuck in  dead-in situation.

The absence of leadership in our churches have cause many to shy away from the church to comfortably catch up on sleep on Sunday morning. The absence of leadership in our communities has caused us to look away when tragedy strikes someone else. The absence of leadership in our homes and through our civic responsibility has caused boys and girls to looks to outside of the home for role models.

What has happened?  Why is the scarcity of leadership in full bloom? This is not an oxymoron. This is reality! Why do so many of us talk about the absence of leadership but so few vie for the solution?

Leadership will not fall from the sky. It will not come knocking at our door. It will not be delivered in a Tiffany box. It will continue to sit idly by saying, “I am here waiting to see what you going to do.”

I AM prepared to reach into my closet; grab my dusty, “get down to business” pumps; wipe them off; and get busy leading.  Are you?

Will the real leaders stand up?!

–  “Hallywood Talk”…if you want it told, tell me!


  1. Justice Reigns says

    So it is safe to assume that you are asking individual’s to give account for another’s actions? Why it that? For too long I have spent time trying to motivate and encourage others to “stand up” (your words, not mine). I am burnt out! At this point, I think we should just focus on those who want to elevate themselves. This will continue to make the difference between the have’s and the have-not. I am standing up, but I am unwilling to stand for lazy people.