President Obama gives Morehouse commencement speech

“We’ve got no time for excuses.” President Obama on Sunday summoned the graduates of historically black Morehouse College to “transform the way we think about manhood,” urging the young men to avoid the temptation to make excuses and to take responsibility for their families and their communities. Delivering a commencement address at the all-male private […]

Obamacare Redux

Obamacare fires are flaring up all over — in Hill hearings, in scary headlines about big rate hikes and in closed-door meetings of nervous Democrats. The White House response: We’ll get to that. President Barack Obama’s messaging gurus and their allies say they will step on the gas before enrollment begins this fall, but the effort, […]

Has Obama lost advantage over G.O.P. on economy?

Recent poll numbers seem to indicate that the American public is pretty evenly split on who can best handle the economy going forward. Most economic indicators show that we are in a recovery. Is this in spite of the gridlock or because of it? Read the New York time column here.