Africa’s top 30 under 30 entrepreneurs

Mfonobong Nsehe, lists 30 under 30 African entrepreneurs to keep your eye on. They are blazing a path. Young entrepreneurs are changing the face of Africa. I set out to produce a list of the 30 Africans under 30 years old who are making the most dramatic impact across the continent. To do so, in […]

Grand plan: East African Monetary Union

Who’s afraid of the euro crisis? How East Africa can create a Monetary Union that works Click here to read the column by Dr Richard Sezibera is Secretary General of the East African Community.

Africa tempts high tech companies

Multinational high tech companies looking for new frontiers and fresh ideas are lining up for a slice of Africa’s relatively untapped consumer market. Many experts are saying the continent is poised to be the next hotbed of technological innovation. Others are even more optimistic. “Africa is that frontier right now,” said Canada-based New Media marketing […]

Over seven million people now receiving HIV treatment in Africa – UN Report

  UN NEWS SERVICE, 21 MAY 2013 The number of people in Africa receiving antiretroviral treatment increased from less than 1 million to 7.1 million over seven years, according to a United Nations report which documents the progress in the AIDS response in the world’s second largest continent. … read more »

U.S to cancel diversity visa lottery, Africans stand to lose

U.S To Cancel Visa Lottery, Africans Stand To Lose – View To See Reasons ~ NairaCareer.

Objects of attraction: Uganda proposes to ban miniskirts

Anything above the knee is outlawed. If a woman wears a miniskirt, we will arrest her,” pronounced the minister in a confusing bid to preserve the nation’s modesty. Film maker and columnist Farai Sevenzo writes about plans to ban miniskirts in Uganda. Letter’s from Africa: Miniskirts and morals

Zambian men charged with “engaging in homosexual acts”

James Mwape and Philip Mubiana, both 22, have been charged with four counts of committing “unnatural” sexual acts. Zambia is a socially conservative country and homosexual acts carry a jail sentence of up to 14 years. The government has resisted pressure from campaign groups and Western governments to scrap the law. Amnesty International called for […]