From Benin to Brazil: slavery and voodoo ties

A recent Brazilian film entitled Pedra da Memoria (Memory’s Stone), follows the journey of a prominent Afro-Brazilian priest to Benin where many of Brazil’s former slaves came from. A history of tradition, slavery and voodoo. While visiting the Brazilian city of Sao Luis, BBC Africa’s Manuel Toledo saw the documentary and a photo exhibition about […]

Once a princess, always a princess

A lawsuit arguing that daughters should be allowed to succeed their fathers as chiefs in Lesotho has been rejected by the Constitutional Court. The judge said the current law did not discriminate against women, as chief’s widows could inherit the title. South African lawyer Priti Patel, who was involved in the case, said the ruling […]

U.S to cancel diversity visa lottery, Africans stand to lose

U.S To Cancel Visa Lottery, Africans Stand To Lose – View To See Reasons ~ NairaCareer.

More than $4bn pledge for Mali recovery

  International donors pledged more than $4.22bn on Wednesday to help Mali recover after a conflict with al Qaeda-linked fighters, French President Francois Hollande has said. The sum exceeds the goals of Mali which had asked donors for $2.57 for this year and next. The donors’ conference, held on Wednesday in Brussels, was organised by French President […]

Greedy pigs for a ‘greedy pigs’

Kenyan demonstrators have released a litter of pigs and poured blood on the pavement outside the gates of parliament in Nairobi to protest a proposed law that would raise wages for parliamentarians.Police and parliament officials chased the pigs after using tear gas, batons and water cannons to disperse the nearly 250 protesters who marched through downtown […]

Ethiopia’s Economic Growth Attracts Young Diaspora

Young members of the Ethiopian diaspora are returning in large numbers to their country of birth. The Ethiopian government welcomes the impact these returnees could have on the economy. There are about 3 million Ethiopians living abroad – mostly in North America and Europe. But in recent years, thousands of young professionals have come back […]