Greedy pigs for a ‘greedy pigs’

Kenyan demonstrators have released a litter of pigs and poured blood on the pavement outside the gates of parliament in Nairobi to protest a proposed law that would raise wages for parliamentarians.Police and parliament officials chased the pigs after using tear gas, batons and water cannons to disperse the nearly 250 protesters who marched through downtown […]

Battling the big three: malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS

Malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS, three infectious diseases that account for 10 percent of all deaths worldwide.   Doctors call them “the big three” – malaria, tuberculosis (TB) and HIV/AIDS – three infectious diseases that account for 10 percent of all deaths worldwide. The UN-backed Global Fund estimates it needs $87bn to bring these killer diseases […]

Conservation or destruction? Each is in the eye of the beholder.

Tanzanian government wants Maasai off gaming land It is easy for outsiders to be romantic about the Maasai. The proud herders, dressed in traditional “shukas” and extravagant beaded earrings and necklaces, drive their livestock across the vast open grasslands of southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. The community lives with their animals in thorn-bush compounds, shunning […]

Former CNN chief business correspondent joins Al Jazeera America

Ali Velshi’s New Half-Hour Series Will Focus On The Economy’s Impact On Everyday Americans Al Jazeera America, the new US-based news channel set to launch later this year, today announced that Ali Velshi, CNN’s former chief business correspondent and anchor of “Your Money” and CNN International’s “World Business Today,” has joined Al Jazeera America to […]

A tale of two economies

Experts complain about a devalued currency and inflation, but government supporters say their lot has improved. Caracas, Venezuela – Despite a currency facing further devaluation, soaring inflation, and intense capital flight, Mildred Castellano thinks Venezuela’s economy is doing better than ever. Like millions of working-class voters who have supported the socialist government during the past […]