The first Brazil-Ethiopia-Djibouti-South Sudan Investment and Trade Seminar

A two-day Brazil-Ethiopia-Djibouti-South Sudan Investment and Trade Seminar opened today (June 6th) in Addis Ababa. Organized by the Embassy of Brazil in Ethiopia, the Seminar aims to provide an opportunity for business and investment networking between governments and companies from Brazil, Ethiopia, Djibouti and South Sudan.It also aims to encourage strategic information-sharing on potential investment […]

From Benin to Brazil: slavery and voodoo ties

A recent Brazilian film entitled Pedra da Memoria (Memory’s Stone), follows the journey of a prominent Afro-Brazilian priest to Benin where many of Brazil’s former slaves came from. A history of tradition, slavery and voodoo. While visiting the Brazilian city of Sao Luis, BBC Africa’s Manuel Toledo saw the documentary and a photo exhibition about […]

Dead fish ruin the perfect picture in Rio de Janeiro

By Leo Byrne, Contributing Reporter   RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Residents around the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas in Rio have had their usually picturesque surroundings spoiled this week as low oxygen levels in the water, caused thousands of fish to suffocate and float to the surface. The usually scenic surroundings at Lagoa were ruined this week by […]

A southern boom. Latin America ignites.

In the annals of geopolitical insults, few have been more sweeping than Richard Nixon’s admonition to a young Donald Rumsfeld as he pondered his future career. “Latin America doesn’t matter,” he offered. “People don’t give a damn about Latin America”. He said it in 1971. Would anyone in Washington dare say it again? If the […]